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Host Organizations:
Gazi University
Bahcesehir University

Welcome to ICENES 2007


The main objective of International Conference series on Emerging Nuclear Energy Systems (ICENES) is to provide an international scientific and technical forum for scientists, engineers, industry leaders, policy makers, decision makers and young professionals who will shape future energy supply and technology, for a broad review and discussion of various advanced, innovative and non-conventional nuclear energy production systems. The new dimension of ICENES2007 is to extend the forum, which will also comprise innovative non-nuclear technologies, such as hydrogen energy, solar energy, deep space exploration, etc. with emphasis on UNTHINKABLE IDEAS on sound scientific-technical basis. Earlier conferences were held in Graz (Austria), Lausanne (Switzerland), Helsinki (Finland), Madrid (Spain), Karlsruhe (Germany), Monterey (USA), Chiba (Japan), Obninsk (Russia), Tel-Aviv (Israel), Petten (The Netherlands), Albuquerque (USA) and Brussels (Belgium)...


Conference Chairman
Prof. Dr. Sümer Şahin

General Chairman
Prof. Dr. J.M.Martinez-Val, Spain

Conference Co-Chairman
Prof. Dr. Şenay Yalçın

International Scientific Committee
C. Rubbia, Italy - Honorary
N. Diaz, USA - Honorary
T. N. Veziroğlu, UNIDO - Honorary
A. Miller, Canada
A. Shenoy, USA
A.H.M. Verkooijen, The Netherlands
B. Carluec, France
E. Cheng, USA
E. Greenspan, USA
F. Sefidvash, Brazil
H. Aït Abderrahim, Belgium
H. Sekimoto, Japan
İ. Dinçer, Canada
J. Dekeyser, Belgium
J.A. Rubio, Spain
J.C. Kuijper, The Netherlands
K. Furukawa, Japan
H. Takahashi, USA
K. Y. Suh, Republic of Korea
K. Schöpf, Austria
K. Schultz, USA
L. El-Guebaly, USA
L. Tocheny, Russia
L. Vanhoenacker, Belgium
M. Abdou, USA
M. S. El-Genk, USA
M. Decréton, Belgium
P. Vaz, Portugal
R. Karam, USA
R. Moir, USA
R. Salomaa, Finland
S. Anghaie, USA
S. Eliezer, Israel
T. Kamash, USA
T. Mehlhorn, USA
W. Gudowski, Sweden
X. Vitart, France
Y. Ronen, Israel
  Int. Scientific Com.
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ICENES 2007 
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